Ending infectious diseases, one day sooner

1Day Sooner leads campaigns in science, policy, and ethics to stop the world’s most harmful infectious diseases.

We envision a world where the risks taken by research participants are honored through maximally efficient and equitable use of research results. That means involving ourselves in scientific, regulatory, and ethical discussions not only about clinical research, but also the products that come from it, whether it’s a vaccine, treatment, or new knowledge about an infectious disease.

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Volunteer for High-Impact Clinical Trials

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 1Day Sooner advocates for the interests of participants in intensive infectious disease trials to help test vaccines and enable other medical advances. Much of our work involves human challenge studies, where carefully screened, healthy participants volunteer to be infected with a disease in controlled conditions. Since our founding in 2020, over 40,000 people have signed up with us expressing interest in joining early phase medical research, including human challenge studies and other vaccine trials.

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