About 1Day Sooner

1Day Sooner is a nonprofit that advocates for people who participate and want to participate in high-impact medical studies, particularly human challenge trials, where healthy volunteers are infected with a disease to test a vaccine, treatment, or to learn other important information. 

In line with the altruism of healthy volunteers, we more broadly work towards a world that prioritizes efficient development of life-saving medical research, distributed equitably so as to minimize the global suffering caused by infectious disease.

We organize volunteers who are in studies and people who want to be in studies; we engage in advocacy with regulators, lawmakers, and other stakeholders globally; we support and conduct research on vaccines policy, biosecurity, public health, and research ethics; and we assist in communications and outreach to elevate the voices of healthy volunteers in public discourse.

1Day Sooner is a US-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit with chapters in the United Kingdom and Zambia.

Priority Areas

Challenge study support & advocacy

We have worked with high-impact medical studies, including human challenge studies in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This has included pro-bono assistance with publicity, consulting on and aiding in advertising and recruitment efforts, and advising on ethical study design.

For our volunteers, we provide social and moral support if they choose to sign up for a study.

Hepatitis C Human Challenge Study Development

Tens of millions of people are infected with hepatitis C, but there is no vaccine. We, like a a growing number of researchers in the field, believe that human challenge studies are the only realistic way to test potential vaccines in the foreseeable future. Since 2021, we have worked closely with specialists around the world putting together proposals for the first ever hepatitis C challenge studies.

AMCs & Operation Warp Speed 2

The COVID-19 pandemic must be a source of learning and policy change so that we are better prepared for inevitable future pandemics. In the United States, we advocate for policy measures that proved successful under Operation Warp Speed. Through advocacy, communications, and research, we push to establish a bipartisan consensus for the use of policy tools such as advanced market commitments to incentivize strategic medical research in preparation for future pandemics.

UK Pandemic Preparedness Policy

The United Kingdom spearheaded challenge studies for COVID-19, and we are pushing to institutionalize the lessons learned when it comes to challenge trials in the face of a pandemic with the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator. Research and events supporting the implementation of our recommendations are forthcoming.

Indoor Air Quality

Vaccine research is not the only scientific field that can contribute to the fight against disease — by cleaning the air we breathe, we can drastically reduce the incidence of airborne infections, include COVID-19 and influenza. We have conducted research assessing potential test cases for indoor air quality interventions using far-UV light and other mechanisms, with the goal of stimulating further testing and adoption.

Global Health Equity

1Day Africa works to respond to the problems of global inequality laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic, when low- and middle-income countries were left scrambling for vaccines while industrialized nations hoarded and even wasted tens of millions of doses.


1Day Sooner was founded in March 2020 to represent challenge volunteers who wanted to accelerate the deployment of the most effective COVID-19 vaccines possible.

Over 38,000 people signed up with us, expressing their desire to volunteer for a human challenge trials that could have possibly done so. In 2020, 1Day Sooner built a robust volunteer community and drew significant global public attention to the potential of human challenge trials, with the altruism of volunteers at the forefront of stories.

1Day Sooner has since expanded to work in other types of challenge studies and on other projects such as pandemic preparedness policy and vaccine equity.


  • Moral urgency. Development of vaccines, treatments, etc. is morally urgent. Every day delayed means more lives lost.
  • Participant autonomy. Respect for volunteer rights and agency is indispensable for any clinical research involving human participants.
  • Transparency. 1Day Sooner’s work should be maximally legible to the public and scientific community.
  • Cautious optimism. We are optimistic about our ability to make an impact but careful to self-critically evaluate our ideas and proposals.
  • Scientifically informed. Our views are grounded in the latest science and liable to change in light of new evidence.
  • Historically aware. We are vigilantly aware of our advocacy in the context of deep historical injustices in medicine, particularly for medical experimentation.
  • Maximal benefit. For efforts involving human research participants, any risks incurred must be done to yield the greatest possible scientific and social benefit.