Challenge Study Compendium

1Day Sooner maintains an ongoing list of human challenge studies (also called controlled human infection models or studies, CHIM/CHIS), covering studies that began in 2015 to the present as well as upcoming studies. We identify studies through searches of clinical trial registries and outreach to challenge study researchers.

This compendium has three purposes: to provide a resource for the challenge study field, to improve 1Day Sooner’s understanding of the challenge study landscape, and to provide the foundation for a dashboard for interested challenge volunteers.

We ran complete searches of our source registries in 2022 and continue to monitor them for updates, adding studies as we become aware of them. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated or endorsed by 1Day Sooner.

If you see that a record is inaccurate or outdated, or know of a study that should be added to the compendium, please email our compendium team at compendium (at) 1daysooner (dot) org.