Finances & Transparency

Most of 1Day Sooner’s funding comes from philanthropic grants. None of our funding comes from pharmaceutical companies. We don’t have any financial stake in the studies we choose to promote or the vaccines, drugs, or other therapies they involve.

From our founding in March 2020 through March 2024, 1Day Sooner has received approximately US$9,961,210 in cumulative funding. Broken down by source:

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Grants under $50,000 are grouped above for legibility. This comprises grants from the Centre for Effective Altruism, BCBS Massachusetts, CareQuest, Point32Health, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, and the UChicago Market Shaping Accelerator (specifically, a prize for entry into its 2023 Innovation Challenge Phase II).

Note: We also received funding from the FTX Foundation before the revelations of its fraudulent practices and subsequent bankruptcy in November 2022. Needless to say, we strongly condemn such unethical and illegal behavior and would never have accepted the funds had we suspected it at the time. We proactively decided to return all funding to relevant stakeholders in the FTX bankruptcy proceedings, a process which was concluded in December 2023. These funds, a total of just under $400,000, are not reflected above.