Hep C AI Chatbot

Thank you for trying our Hep C Bot! This AI chatbot has been trained with research results on Hepatitis C immunology, information on challenge trials, details on vaccine development and approval processes, background on 1Day Sooner, and other relevant material. Feel free to ask anything you want about hepatitis C or the hepatitis C studies.

This bot is a tool that helps summarize a large amount of information about hepatitis C, but it can make mistakes. In particular it is not a human expert and cannot replace the advice of a medical professional. We strive to ensure that the bot provides accurate information, but it might misinterpret data or provide misleading or incorrect answers. If any piece of information is crucial to you, we strongly advise consulting a human expert before making any decisions. To get the most out of this tool, try asking for more detail or clarifications in follow-up questions.

We welcome your feedback on the chatbot! Whether you have concerns about an answer you received, or suggestions for additional topics the bot could cover, please share your thoughts at botfeedback@1daysooner.org