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December 22: Der Spiegel: Geimpft – und ausgesperrt

December 1: Business Ghana: West African Nations Bring Proposal for a Pandemic Insurance Fund to the World Health Assembly

December 1: Pan African Visions: West African Nations Bring Proposal for a Pandemic Insurance Fund to the World Health Assembly

November 4: Boston Globe: With COVID-19 vaccine for younger children, a chance to promote health equity across all ages

November 3: Pan African Visions: African Frontline Healthcare Workers Need More Support

November 3: Punch: African frontline healthcare workers need more support

October 14: New York Times: Britain Infected Volunteers With the Coronavirus. Why Won’t the U.S.?

September 23: Harvard University: Finding community in Boston Vaccine Day

September 19: iHeart Radio: Boston Vaccine Day Held In Roxbury

September 18: Boston Globe: ‘You can’t miss this message.’ Roxbury hosts Boston Vaccine Day in an effort to promote shots against COVID-19

September 14: Boston Globe: Boston Vaccine Day is an inoculation celebration

September 11: The Economist: Why scientists are deliberately infecting volunteers with covid-19

September 4: The Wall Street Journal: Researchers Infect Volunteers With Coronavirus, Hoping to Conquer Covid-19

September 3: Wall Street Journal: The Man Who Chose to Get Covid

September 2: Marie Claire: Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘I recruited people to be deliberately infected with Covid-19’

June 23: The New Dawn: Doctor Fallah to speak at a congressional briefing

June 1: The Guardian: Human challenge: the people volunteering to be infected with Covid

March 31: Vox: What kind of person signs up to be infected with the coronavirus on purpose?

March 24: The Guardian: Covid trial infecting healthy volunteers needs full transparency, say campaigners

March 18: Boston Globe: Faster vaccine trials could save lives without sacrificing ethics

March 16: Bloomberg: How ‘Vaccine Day’ Could Boost Inoculations

March 10: WRTV: Some pushing for one-time federal holiday called ‘National Vaccine Day’

March 10: Good Morning America: Former US surgeon general calls for National Vaccine Day

March 2: ABC: 4 former surgeons general join call for ‘National Vaccine Day’

February 22: British Medical Journal: Sixty seconds on . . . human challenge trials

February 17: Financial Times: World’s first trial of deliberate coronavirus infection is approved

February 17: The Times: Scientists win approval to infect healthy volunteers with Covid for trial

February 17: Wired: The UK is infecting people with Covid-19 for science. Is it worth it?

February 17: Wall Street Journal: U.K. Approves Trials That Will Deliberately Infect Volunteers With Coronavirus

February 17: The New York Times: U.K. Approves Study That Will Deliberately Infect Volunteers With Coronavirus

February 7: News Medical: Healthy people volunteering to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 should be paid, experts suggest

January 20: Slow Boring: The case for vaccine challenge trials

January 8: British Medical Journal: Human challenge trials of covid-19 vaccines still have much to teach us


December 26: New York Post: Britain will be first to infect healthy volunteers with COVID-19 for research

December 16: Smithsonian: A Brief History of Human Challenge Trials

December 11: Health Affairs: COVID-19 Challenge Trials Would Save Lives And Avert Years In Poverty By Significant Margins

December 10: First Post: COVID-19 vaccine: Study discusses ethical dilemmas, risks in upcoming UK human challenge trials

December 9: Rutgers News: The Ethics of Human Challenge Trials

December 7: The Guardian: WHO looks at giving Covid-19 to healthy people to speed up vaccine trials

November 30: News Medical: What are the risks associated with human challenge trials for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates?

November 25: TEDxWomen2020: How COVID-19 human challenge trials work— and why I volunteered

November 24: Radiolab: Dispatch 13: Challenge Trials

November 13: Varsity UK: The first COVID-19 ‘human challenge’ studies may take place in the UK

November 10: CBC: Meet the people who want to be infected with COVID-19

November 5: CNN: Why volunteers in London are deliberately being infected with COVID-19

October 30: The Lancet: COVID-19 human challenge studies in the UK

October 20: BBC: UK plan to be first to run human challenge Covid trials

October 20: Nature: Dozens to be deliberately infected with coronavirus in UK ‘human challenge’ trials

October 20: Washington Post: Britain to infect healthy volunteers with coronavirus in vaccine challenge trials

October 20: The Guardian: The volunteers lining up for Covid-19 challenge trials

October 14: The Guardian: Nobel laureates call on UK to back infecting volunteers with Covid for vaccine trials

October 14: Reason: Public Opinion Supports Covid Vaccine Challenge Trials

October 12: CNN: Most people try to avoid Covid-19. But thousands are signing up to be deliberately exposed

October 8: The Scientist: A Challenge Trial for COVID-19 Would Not Be the First of Its Kind

October 6: Washington Post: Human volunteers can help ensure we have an effective vaccine more quickly

October 2: HIC-Vac: Human challenge studies with coronavirus: towards effective vaccines

October 1: La Presse: S’infecter délibérément pour la science

September 30: GAVI: How do vaccine clinical trials ensure the benefits outweigh the risks?

September 26: The Hindu: ‘Human challenge trials will help us design better treatments, vaccines than we can now’

September 25: Financial Times: Human challenge trials bring a vaccine a step closer

September 23: BBC: Covid-19: UK volunteers could be given virus to test vaccine

September 23: CNN: UK mulling vaccine trials that deliberately expose volunteers to Covid-19

September 23: Reuters: UK to host 'human challenge' trials for COVID-19 vaccines

September 23: Financial Times: UK to test vaccines on volunteers deliberately infected with Covid-19

September 23: Telegraph: 'Challenge trials' set to infect volunteers with coronavirus to help speed up creation of vaccine

September 23: The Times: Britain to run first coronavirus vaccine trials that infect volunteers

September 22: WKRC: You can volunteer to be infected with COVID-19

September 21: CBS Boston: College Student Volunteers For Controversial ‘Human Challenge’ Trial For COVID-19 Vaccine

September 16: National Geographic: To find a vaccine for COVID-19, will we have to deliberately infect people?

September 15: Genetic Literacy Project: ‘Challenge studies’: Should we be testing COVID vaccines by intentionally infecting volunteers?

September 11: Men’s Health: Why I'm Risking My Life to Take Part in the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

September 10: CTV: Would Canadians volunteer to be infected with COVID-19 to test vaccines?

September 9: Duke Research Blog: “Do No Harm to Whom?” Challenge Trials & COVID-19

September 5: Arizona Daily Star: Why I am volunteering to be infected with the coronavirus

September 2: Reason: Let Volunteers Expose Themselves to COVID-19 To Speed Up a Vaccine

September 1: Spectrum News 1: Nearly 37,000 People Have Signed up to Be Part of a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

August 27: Castanet: Conor Barnes pre-volunteers to be infected with COVID-19, test vaccines

August 24: Toronto Star: It is worth the risk to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine testing

August 24: MTL Blog: A 27-Year-Old Quebecer Is Volunteering To Be Deliberately Exposed To The Novel Coronavirus

August 22: BBC: Challenge trials: The volunteers offering to be infected with coronavirus

August 17: The Conversation: The ethical case for allowing medical trials that deliberately infect humans with COVID-19

August 17: ABC San Francisco: What is COVID-19 human challenge testing? Doctors explain how it works

August 14: Washington Post: U.S. will prepare coronavirus strain for potential human challenge trials

August 14: Al Jazeera: US eyes controversial human challenge trials for COVID-19 vaccine

August 12: Vox: Why people are volunteering to get Covid-19

August 11: Reuters: J&J eyes one billion doses of potential COVID-19 shot in 2021, weighs challenge trials

August 10: The Telegraph: Scientists have to take risks to secure a vaccine

August 8: CBS Inside Edition: Thousands to Be Infected With COVID-19 in Controversial 'Human Challenge' Trials for Coronavirus Vaccine

August 7: Medscape: Are Human Challenge Trials for COVID-19 Vaccine Worth the Risk?

August 6: FiveThirtyEight: Some Volunteers Want To Be Infected With Coronavirus To Help Find A Vaccine. But It Isn’t That Simple.

August 6: NBC: Inside Oxford’s push for ‘challenge trials’ amid race for coronavirus vaccine

July 31: South China Morning Post: Vaccine race: ‘unprecedented’ momentum and questions for deliberately infecting volunteers with Covid-19

July 29: Elemental: One Man’s Quest to Infect People With Covid-19 for Science

July 29: Fox 5 Atlanta: Young volunteers willing to take 'calculated risk' in human challenge vaccine trials

July 20: Science Magazine: Controversial ‘human challenge’ trials for COVID-19 vaccines gain support

July 20: National Post: Support grows for deliberately exposing vaccine trial subjects to COVID-19, with Oxford team leading the way

July 19: The Print: What are human challenge trials — the experiment Oxford is considering for its Covid vaccine

July 16: Boston Globe: Scores of academics call for ‘human challenge’ trials of coronavirus vaccine

July 16: The Telegraph: Oxford coronavirus vaccine 'challenge' trials set to begin later this year

July 16: OC Register: Why an All-American pole vaulter wants to be exposed to coronavirus

July 16: The Guardian: Coronavirus vaccine: Oxford team aim to start lab-controlled human trials

July 16: CNN: Nobel laureates call for 'challenge trials' to speed up vaccine process

July 16: The Hill: Scientists ask for volunteers to be infected with coronavirus to speed vaccine development

July 15: American Medical Association: Top ethicist makes the case for COVID-19 vaccine challenge trials

July 10: NBC San Diego: COVID-19 Human Challenge Trials

July 7: USA Today: Race for a coronavirus vaccine: Why I volunteered to be exposed to COVID-19

July 6: Los Angeles Times: Young San Diegans willing to be exposed to coronavirus to help with vaccine trials

July 1: The New York Times: Researchers Debate Infecting People on Purpose to Test Coronavirus Vaccines

June 23: CBS New York: Human Challenge Trials: Thousands Of Young People Ready To Expose Themselves To Coronavirus To Find Cure

June 18: Fred Hutchinson: Scientists ponder human challenge trials for COVID-19 vaccines

June 15: PBS NewsHour: Meet people volunteering to be exposed to COVID-19 for vaccine research

June 15: Washington Post: Volunteers sign up to put their lives on the line for a coronavirus vaccine

June 15: Daily Mail: Would you volunteer to be infected with Covid-19?

June 12: Inverse Magazine: Human Volunteers Explain Why They're Ready to Get Covid-19 On Purpose

June 11: CBS: Thousands volunteer to be exposed to coronavirus for research

May 30: Independent: 'It's about saving lives' - the Irish volunteers who want to be infected with Covid-19

May 27: Reason: The Moral Case for Testing Coronavirus Vaccines through "Challenge Trials" on Paid Healthy Volunteers

May 24: Bloomberg: Volunteers Are Lining Up to Be Infected With the Coronavirus

May 23: Wired: Should we deliberately infect healthy volunteers with Covid-19?

May 22: New Yorker Radio Hour: To Test a Vaccine for COVID-19, Should Volunteers Risk their Lives?

May 22: NBC: Thousands volunteer to be infected for science

May 20: The Hill: Thousands have volunteered to be infected with coronavirus. But will that fast-track a vaccine?

May 13: CNN: Thousands of people want to be exposed to Covid-19 for science

May 11: Wall Street Journal: One Idea for Speeding a Coronavirus Vaccine: Deliberately Infecting People

May 10: NBC: Why have 14,000 people volunteered to be infected with coronavirus?

May 7: South China Morning Post: Infecting volunteers with Covid-19 may speed up coronavirus vaccine studies, WHO says

May 5: Bloomberg: Why I Just Volunteered for a Covid-19 Vaccine Trial

April 27: ABC: Injecting healthy adults with live coronavirus provides moral dilemma, faster path to vaccine

April 24: Der Spiegel: Would you volunteer to be infected with Corona?

April 23: Al Jazeera: Coronavirus: Hundreds willing to be infected for vaccine trials

April 22: MIT Tech Review: Would you volunteer to get the coronavirus?

April 22: Nature: Hundreds of people volunteer to be infected with coronavirus

April 21: The Atlantic: Let Volunteers Take the COVID Challenge