Moderna, Pfizer Samples Must be Shared with Researchers

1Day Africa director Zacharia Kafuko argues it is imperative that Moderna and Pfizer share samples to other researchers to support next-generation COVID vaccine development.

Disease X: UK releases a blueprint on pandemic human challenge trials

Read coverage our our UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator launch event in London. 1Day Sooner partnered with the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator and sponsored The Ethics of Controlled Human Infection Model Studies for Mitigating Pandemic Risks, a report that offers a blueprint to shortening the time frame to develop vaccines during emerging pandemics without cutting corners.

A challenge trial can streamline testing of hepatitis C vaccines

Dr. Andrea Cox of Johns Hopkins University makes the case for human challenge trials for hepatitis C based on her experience running a non-challenge trial in the field.

Publish the COVID-19 Challenge Protocol Now

Read about our advocacy to publish the protocol for the UK COVID-19 challenge trial in the British Medical Journal and The Guardian.

The Current Role of COVID-19 Human Challenge Trials

1Day Sooner and the University College London Bioethics Society recently hosted a panel about the current role of COVID-19 human challenge trials featuring experts Meta Roestenberg, Seema Shah, and Matt Memoli. Watch it here.

Risking Your Life For A COVID Vaccine

Listen to four 1Day Sooner volunteers talk about why they want to be deliberately exposed to SARS-CoV-2 to accelerate research at an Imagine! Belfast event here.

The Future of Medicine in Africa

1Day Sooner’s African Chapter hosted emerging scholars to discuss the future of research in Africa. Watch the event here.

Vaccine (Inter)Nationalism: Global Equity and COVID-19 Vaccines

We hosted an interactive roundtable with experts from around the world on vaccine nationalism and global COVID-19 vaccine distribution— watch here!