1Day Sooner Style Guide

Below, you can find our official colors & organizational descriptions, downloadable photos of our logos & volunteers, and our branding guidelines. Anyone can feel free to use these resources when referencing 1Day Sooner, though please do not create 1Day Sooner-branded content without permission from inquiries@1daysooner.org.


1Day Sooner Logo
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1Day Sooner Icon
  • When possible, use the “1Day Sooner” or “1Day” logo instead of the icon to give visibility to 1Day Sooner’s name.
  • 1Day Sooner’s logos should never be smaller than 160px wide in digital. 1Day Sooner’s icon should never be smaller than 50px wide in digital.









Fonts & preferred style
  • 1Day Sooner’s website and graphics use Lato. Internal documents and public statements use EB Garamond.
  • Note that the organization name is 1Day Sooner, not 1 Day Sooner (two spaces) or 1DaySooner (no spaces).
    • 1Day Sooner should be shortened as 1Day, not 1DS.
  • Our house stylization of the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 is COVID-19, not covid-19, covid19, or COVID.

1Day Sooner information

Mission Statement & Description

1Day Sooner was founded in March 2020 as a grassroots movement advocating for people who want to participate in high-impact medical trials, especially COVID-19 human challenge trials. In an HCT, adult volunteers are exposed to a pathogen in controlled circumstances, often to test a vaccine or treatment.

1Day Sooner seeks novel ways to advance the fight against infectious diseases, building on the values and altruism of the human research participants worldwide whose contributions are critical to medical research. 1Day Sooner advocates for the broader adoption of HCTs to accelerate development of countermeasures against infectious pathogens including the hepatitis C virus, influenza, group A Streptococcus, and coronaviruses, among others. 1Day Sooner also conducts research and advocacy to explore related scientific, regulatory, and policy measures, such as advance market commitments and far-UV indoor air sanitization, that can be used both to reduce the burden of infectious diseases today and prepare the world for the future pandemic threats.

  • Moral Urgency: Vaccine development is morally urgent. More days we wait for a vaccine costs more lives.
  • Volunteer Autonomy: Respect for volunteers’ rights and agency are imperative in the success of any medical study.
  • Transparency: 1Day’s actions should be maximally legible to the public and scientific community.
  • Cautious Optimism: This organization is optimistic about our ability to make an impact but careful to self-critically evaluate our ideas and proposals.
  • Scientifically Informed: Our views are grounded in the latest science and liable to change in light of new evidence.
  • Historically Aware: Given the troubled history of medical experimentation, this organization is aware of our place in a long and complicated history.
  • Maximal Benefit: Each increment of risk and burden our volunteers incur should yield the greatest possible scientific and social benefit.
News, press releases, and funding
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