Volunteer Support

If you’ve volunteered in a challenge study or any other vaccine study, we’d love to connect! Email to say hello.

1Day Sooner is an advocacy group, not a medical research organization. We do not conduct trials ourselves. First and foremost, we advocate for and support the healthy volunteers, the indispensable — but often overlooked — partners in the medical research process. We are driven by the core belief that altruism plays a significant factor in healthy volunteers’ decisions to enroll, and that studies should be motivated by this altruism to make sure their research is as maximally useful as possible.

We engage with medical studies, especially challenge studies, to help researchers formulate ethical and scientifically sound guidelines that honor the commitments of the volunteers in their studies. We offer logistical and even social support to volunteers of ours in studies, too. For example, for people in isolation units in respiratory disease challenge studies, we’ve hosted Zoom social hours and connected people with other volunteers.

We host events and also connect former volunteers with industry, academia, and other advocates to ensure volunteer voices are heard at conferences, in published literature, and in any professional setting where their voices are not normally heard.